5Gringos App and Mobile Version

The 5gringos app is not available at this time. However, the site is available to mobile phone users, especially those using compatible browsers.

App Compatibility

The 5gringos casino mobile version is compatible with several browsers and Operating Systems (OS). The table below shows the information:

Compatible Operating Systems (OS) Compatible Smartphones
Android Samsung Galaxy
iOS iPhone
Google Pixel
Motorola Moto
Sony Xperia
Xiaomi Mi

App Download and Installation

The 5gringos casino mobile version is not downloadable. The HTML support allows for real-time access without having to download an app or a mobile browser extension.

5gringos Mobile Version

It’s important for an online casino to have a mobile version. Just like in this instance, the unavailability of a 5gringos app makes it easier for mobile device users (both Android and iOS) to access the site and the content therein.

To access the mobile version, do these:

  • Visit the homepage
  • Click the Join button to sign up for an account if you haven’t. But if you have, click on the Login button to gain access to your existing account.
  • Deposit money using any of the supported payment methods.
  • Choose any of the games and start playing/wagering.


5gringos is a reliable online casino site for people looking to play casino games, such as table/card games, online slots, live casino games and participate in tournaments. Follow the steps outlined in this article to make an account and start playing real money games for a chance to win!


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